Research Interests

My graduate research has focused on soil chemical processes and how they relate to agricultural and natural ecosystems. Moving forward, I hope to apply my scientific background to a career in policy and outreach. 


Soil Ecology

My thesis and dissertation research have focused on physical, chemical, and biological interactions in soil ecosystems. Rather than specializing in a given area, I enjoy working at the intersection of multiple concepts and making connections between topics to solve pressing issues in both agricultural and natural ecosystems, such as climate change adaptation and salinity mitigation. 



As a scientist, I feel like I have a responsibility to share my research and science with people who are not in science. Ultimately, I study the how the world works so that I can make life better for humans, so why not spend as much time as possible making sure that stakeholders actually have access to information produced by my research? I enjoy working with farmers, landowners, and community members throughout the entire research process. 



During a legislative visit to D.C. a few years back, I realized the importance of communicating with decision makers about scientific output. Policy makers allocate funding for research and with guidance, are capable of creating policy responding to research findings and recommendations. In my future career, I hope to work with legislators at state and federal levels to help advance science and advocate for evidence-based policies.